Speech Story Arc

Told from the perspective of Solange Knowles

Exposition: Introduction of Beyoncé: 

  • Sets the tone for the speech with a powerful opening statement, introducing her as both an artist and a woman

Inciting Incident: The beginning of her career:

  • Her nurturing as a performer pushed her to audition for a major talent show
  • She came together with girls who had a similar passion to pursue her dreams

Rising Action #1: Beyoncé’s early life and career:

  • Destiny’s Child and the turmoil and success that came with her involvement in the group
  • Her signings with Elektra, Atlanta, and Columbia Records
  • The strain her career put on her family and relationships

Rising Action #2:

  • Beyoncé explores acting with roles in movies like Dreamgirls, The Pink Panther, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Obsessed, and Cadillac Records

Rising Action #3: Conflict ensues in Destiny’s Child:

  • Beyoncé to fell into a depression that lasted multiple years
  • Her difficulties with the fame she’d garnered

Climax: Beyoncé pursues a solo career as an artist:

  • She finds success with Dangerously in Love, her first solo album
  • The birth of Sasha Fierce, her alter ego

Falling Action #1: Developments in her personal life:

  • Marries Jay Z
  • Beyonce takes a 9-month hiatus to rediscover herself and her music

Falling Action #2:

  • Beyoncé released her album Lemonade, which touched on issues like her husband Jay Z’s infidelity and the oppression and issues black people face in the world today

Resolution: The present and future:

  • Beyoncé’s influence on people all over the world
  • A summary of her accomplishments and success
  • Why Beyoncé is an eminent person

Beyoncé Knowles: An Introduction Post


Beyoncé Knowles is a multi-platinum, award winning artist. Her music has influenced pop culture and billions of people all over the world. She is known to many as a singer, dancer, actress, and philanthropist.  Music has always been one of my passions, and Beyoncé is arguably one of the most influential female artists of this decade. While I do want to follow in her footsteps in these aspects, I admire Beyoncé for much more than what she presents to the world.

screen-shot-2017-10-24-at-6-54-03-pm-minShe wasn’t born with an innate talent for music; she worked hard and sacrificed to get where she is today, holding the title of the highest-paid female black musician of 2017. Her rise to fame came while she was part of the girl group Destiny’s Child. The group’s success helped to launch Beyoncé’s solo career, which skyrocketed and gave her opportunities that furthered her career, like her starring role in the 2006 movie Dreamgirls.

When Eminent was introduced and it was said that we had to relate in some way to the person we would choose, I immediately set out to find powerful African American women that specialized in the fields I was interested in. Some of my favourite things to do are play basketball, sing, and dance, but I didn’t know any professional female basketball players or dancers that had made a big enough impact on the world. While contemplating which path I should follow, it hit me that the answer was right in front of my face. Beyoncé is not only an extremely successful artist, but she empowers women everywhere through her music.

She and I are both privileged females of African descent who share a passion for music and current issues in the world today. I want to learn how I could break into the entertainment industry, and how to improve my singing. Beyoncé is well known for her music, but I realized that what I knew about her was mostly superficial. Therefore, I have decided to use Eminent this year to explore the many facets of Beyoncé.



Blog Post #1: Dad is Dying

During and after the course of Sam’s lie (as far as the story goes), the family got a lot of attention from their community. Sam got free ice cream and preferential treatment, Morley got to speak with people who seemed to care about her life and what she had to say, and Dave’s belief in himself was restored. I think however, that this will be short-lived and the repercussions of Sam’s lie will eventually take a turn for the worse. The family’s neighbours may have been nice to them at the time, but eventually they’ll revert to their old ways. The same goes for Morley and Dave, who will more than likely return to being distracted by the mundane woes of life. Sam’s lie will probably be revealed, as most deceptions are eventually, and he’ll be in a worse situation than he was in the first place. Lies are sufficient for quick fixes, but tend to unravel in the long term. Neighbours that had previously not given Morley and Dave the time of day were now instilling a false sense of confidence and camaraderie in Dave purely because they felt pity or guilt towards the news of his impending death. Dave was surprised when Mary had come to see him after she had heard about his “condition”, because “Mary Burlington was never nice to him” (153). People wasted perfectly good lasagne on the family of a boy who couldn’t help but spin a tall tale when a situation got out of hand.

Riddle Post

You walk up to a mountain that has two paths. One leads to the other side of the mountain, and the other will get you lost forever. Two twins know the path that leads to the other side. You can ask them only one question, except one lies, and one tells the truth. You don’t know which is which. So, what do you ask?