During and after the course of Sam’s lie (as far as the story goes), the family got a lot of attention from their community. Sam got free ice cream and preferential treatment, Morley got to speak with people who seemed to care about her life and what she had to say, and Dave’s belief in himself was restored. I think however, that this will be short-lived and the repercussions of Sam’s lie will eventually take a turn for the worse. The family’s neighbours may have been nice to them at the time, but eventually they’ll revert to their old ways. The same goes for Morley and Dave, who will more than likely return to being distracted by the mundane woes of life. Sam’s lie will probably be revealed, as most deceptions are eventually, and he’ll be in a worse situation than he was in the first place. Lies are sufficient for quick fixes, but tend to unravel in the long term. Neighbours that had previously not given Morley and Dave the time of day were now instilling a false sense of confidence and camaraderie in Dave purely because they felt pity or guilt towards the news of his impending death. Dave was surprised when Mary had come to see him after she had heard about his “condition”, because “Mary Burlington was never nice to him” (153). People wasted perfectly good lasagne on the family of a boy who couldn’t help but spin a tall tale when a situation got out of hand.