Told from the perspective of Solange Knowles

Exposition: Introduction of Beyoncé: 

  • Sets the tone for the speech with a powerful opening statement, introducing her as both an artist and a woman

Inciting Incident: The beginning of her career:

  • Her nurturing as a performer pushed her to audition for a major talent show
  • She came together with girls who had a similar passion to pursue her dreams

Rising Action #1: Beyoncé’s early life and career:

  • Destiny’s Child and the turmoil and success that came with her involvement in the group
  • Her signings with Elektra, Atlanta, and Columbia Records
  • The strain her career put on her family and relationships

Rising Action #2:

  • Beyoncé explores acting with roles in movies like Dreamgirls, The Pink Panther, Austin Powers in Goldmember, Obsessed, and Cadillac Records

Rising Action #3: Conflict ensues in Destiny’s Child:

  • Beyoncé to fell into a depression that lasted multiple years
  • Her difficulties with the fame she’d garnered

Climax: Beyoncé pursues a solo career as an artist:

  • She finds success with Dangerously in Love, her first solo album
  • The birth of Sasha Fierce, her alter ego

Falling Action #1: Developments in her personal life:

  • Marries Jay Z
  • Beyonce takes a 9-month hiatus to rediscover herself and her music

Falling Action #2:

  • Beyoncé released her album Lemonade, which touched on issues like her husband Jay Z’s infidelity and the oppression and issues black people face in the world today

Resolution: The present and future:

  • Beyoncé’s influence on people all over the world
  • A summary of her accomplishments and success
  • Why Beyoncé is an eminent person