Below are the numerous sources I used for my Eminent project on Beyoncé Knowles.



Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story

This biography was very insightful, and it delved into Beyoncé’s roots and the origins of her fame and fortune. It helped me get information that I wouldn’t have found elsewhere, and I found it interesting but it could unnecessarily prolong certain events.




Beyonce Elle Magazine Cover Story

Beyoncé rarely gives interviews, especially recently, so this 2016 interview published by ELLE magazine was exceptionally helpful. It gave insight into her business ventures, athleisure line Ivy Park, motherhood, social issues she faces, and her song “Formation”.




Lemonade Visual Album Trailer

While I didn’t see the full visual album, this trailer and the various music videos of the songs in the album allowed me to make inferences about it. The album is Beyoncé’s most critically acclaimed, and the things she conveyed through her music helped me develop my work throughout the project. The information I took from watching the videos and decoding the lyrics and visuals I applied to both my learning centre and my speech. Scenes of the videos address certain topics and issues in the world.



This is Beyoncé’s website, where she collects money for various causes through her charity, BeyGood, sells her music, and advertises her tours and albums. You can sign up for newsletters, buy clothes from her clothing line, and look at pictures and articles from her charity, albums, and life. While it isn’t the best source for information about herself, it does shed some light on her philanthropy.

This website was really helpful because I’m a visual learner and the written biography was accompanied by a video that went into more detail with the information. The information is clear and concise, and the website is regularly updated to keep the information relevant.