For my Document of Learning, I’ve decided to focus on the three main parts of my learning centre, why I decided to include them, what purpose I wanted them to serve, and their success during NotN.



The centrepiece of my learning centre was my collage. I used various photos from different aspects and works of Beyoncé. I wanted to make it impactful and aesthetically pleasing. I used black and white photos and gold detailing to make the pictures stand out. The pictures in the centre show Beyoncé performing and on the red carpet, oneimage of the main aspects of her life. She constantly has to keep up her image, because as I said in my speech, the world is always watching and waiting for her to slip up or look anything less than perfect. The two sides of the tri-fold feature aspects of Beyoncé’s life where she can actually let her guard down and start to show some of the woman behind the mask. Her family and business ventures are very close to her, and I’ve focused mainly on her charity work and philanthropy in the lower right corner. On the left, I’ve focused on Beyoncé’s platform. Her music, the message she has for the world, and what she tries to convey. I focused on her album Lemonade specifically, and put on various scenes from her music videos. I tried to choose images that spoke for themselves, and then fill in the blanks with information that I shared verbally. I think this was one of the stars of my learning centre, because it did attract some attention, and I got some compliments on the design of the collage. I do think that next year I should make the main object more attention-grabbing and a little less subtle.


Balloons image-2

During the weeks leading up to NotN, I knew that I’d need something big and shiny to attract people and make sure that my centre wasn’t completely terrible. I could envision Beyoncé’s name spelt in gold and I knew that was what I wanted. A quick text o my mother later (thanks, Mom) and I had three balloons that I knew would look amazing in my centre. These balloons not only looked great and attracted attention, but they also meant something. I had three main parts of my collage, three balloons that spelt the name of my Eminent person, and three things I wanted the people that visited my centre to walk away with. I wanted them to be aware of her musical prowess, her adeptness as a businesswoman, feminist, and individual in this world, and most of all, the fact that she advocates for worthy causes, political and societal issues in the world today that not many want to talk about.


Facts and Game

For my centre, I spent a lot of time creating little crowns decorated in black and gold (the theme for my centre) that sported facts image-1and quotes about and from Beyoncé. They didn’t really have anything meaningful on them, as I wanted to tell people about the thick of my research in person. They were mostly meant to be things that people could look at if they were waiting to talk to me or they wanted a few basic facts about Beyoncé (as I wasn’t going through her run-of-the-mill backstory). I also created a slideshow that was meant to be a fun game of “Guess that Song Lyric” but ended up being “Obscure Beyoncé Lyrics that Nobody Can Guess”. The facts and game were the probably the least successful parts of my centre. A few people stopped to peruse the facts, and one person actually made it all the way through my game, but overall they were not hits. I think next time I should make them more integrated in my centre, and make the game (if I have one next year) a lot easier. People don’t really want to spend half their lifetimes trying to figure out how to finish a line from a song. If I follow my own advice next year, I think I’ll be all set. Can’t wait to do this all again!


My finished learning centre.