This week our class spent our lunch hours watching John Maxwell’s How to be a REAL Success. In the beginning, I was sceptical about just what methods or guidelines one was supposed to follow when pursuing success, as I thought that different people could achieve success in different ways. However, upon watching the videos and reflecting in our booklets, I discovered that the path to REAL success is a valid one that applies to everyone everywhere, not just to people in a working environment. Throughout the week I paid close attention to the different aspects, and more specifically, how they applied to me. The letter that stood out the most to me during the seminar was E for equipping. This course made me look back and think about all the occasions in which I’d been in a position of power or part of a group, and I realized that equipping is something that I’ve never thought to do. When in a leadership position, I’ve always laid out an outline of what I thought needed to get done, but I’ve never helped people gain the skills required to complete their tasks efficiently. I’m glad we participated in this course because it has allowed me to review my leadership skills and the path that I believe leads to my success.

These new guidelines will most definitely come in handy in the TALONS classroom. Leadership is a core theme in the program, and now that I know how my relationships, equipping of others, attitude and overall leadership apply to everything I do, I’ll become better equipped to participate in things like committees for big events, adventure trips, retreats, and organizing leadership/cultural events. I not only want to put my new knowledge into practice from this point forward but use the things that I’ve learned to shape my future and lead me towards my success.