“Record a journal entry of how you used one of our in-class focus blocks. What did you accomplish during this time? What did you struggle with? What might be your next step in your focus block? Set a goal.”

For the purposes of my post, I’ll be referring to the time we’ve had off for Winter Break rather than a focus block. Among the festivities, this break I’ve had to seriously think about what I wanted to present for my ZIP inquiry. I’d already finished the bulk of my research prior to the break.  I knew that I could easily throw together a good PowerPoint presentation with the time I had left, but for some reason the simple solution wasn’t as appealing to me as it usually was. I eventually decided to create a video, but not a normal video presentation. I wanted to create some kind of skit (most likely comedy) about three different people who watch a movie for the first time; one who hasn’t read the original, one who has read the original book and wants the movie to be similar, and a third who has read the book but wants artistic independence. I want the video to be something along those lines, but with my lack of filming equipment and editing skills, it may not turn out as great as I hope. My goal is to finish filming (and hopefully editing as well) by the end of Winter Break.