Another month, another inquiry!

When first hearing about In-Depth, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t ecstatic. It sounded like just another project to add on to my ever-growing inventory of work and commitments. This was just before Winter Break. I used those two weeks off to reflect on the first four months of high school and life in TALONS, and what exactly I wanted to do for one of the last big projects of the year. I realized that I had extremely stressed and tense since I started high school. This got me thinking about what I could do to combat that and make my last few months of grade 9 more relaxing. I came to the conclusion that yoga was the most logical choice for my In-Depth.

My goal is to learn various yoga poses and techniques, and if I can, to also try meditation and breathing exercises over the course of In-Depth. I would like to have 1-hour sessions with my (yet-to-be-determined) mentor at least once every two weeks. I want to confirm a mentor soon, and then start doing background research and acquiring materials I’ll need for my inquiry.