Since my last post, I’ve been busy in trying to acquire a mentor. I’ve glad to say that I struck gold in finding Susanne, a yoga instructor who teaches classes at Hyde Creek Recreational Centre. She’s been doing yoga from a very early age, and through her various certifications and experiences with yoga has found a love and passion for the activity. After attending one of her classes and feeling the benefits of the various exercises, I think I’ll have a great time pursuing yoga as my In-Depth.

I’ve already met and conversed with Susanne, explaining the role a mentor takes during this inquiry. We agreed to meet about once every two weeks when I attend her one-hour classes. Any other questions or information I have for her we’ve agreed to send via email.

During our mentoring sessions she has been extremely helpful, guiding me through the various poses and helping me improve my technique. I’ve learned a lot from her in a very short amount of time, which is really great. Some learning challenges I experienced were mostly with technique. I’m not very flexible or good at balancing, so it was definitely an interesting experience to try some of these moves for the first time. I made sure that if I had trouble I asked for help, and Susanne would give me pointers or demonstrate when needed.

Three strategies that could improve our relationship are to figure out how to communicate effectively and concisely, to schedule and plan things beforehand (give lots of notice) and to make sure effort is a two-way street in the mentorship. All three strategies can be done easily by preparing things in advance. If I already know what I need to say and have all the documents I need to give her, then I can maximize the time she does have to mentor me. In addition, I can utilize email and send her questions and reminders so we’re both on the same page. If I spend time outside of class doing yoga and researching, then when I go to her class I’ll have ideas and questions to contribute and I’ll be able to show that I take yoga seriously and appreciate her guidance.

I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to achieve now that I have a mentor, and I can’t wait to share my progress!