Inquiry Question: What is the story of my picture of some of my Grade 8 MACC graduating class taken by a past classmate?



This picture is a primary source, as it was taken during the event and the classmate who took the picture was present. It’s an original picture and a digital source. The picture was taken during the afternoon of June 27th, 2017 on my iPhone 6.


It was Grade 8 graduation day, and there were entertainment and refreshments available inside the school. My friends and I, however, decided to go outside and enjoy the sunshine as a class. Music could be heard from the MPR, and people were filtering in and out the doors with hands full of brightly coloured candies. People were restless and stifled by their formal wear. No one particularly wanted to stay still to take a nice group photo, so many of the subjects in the photo were not paying attention to the phone or the person taking the photo.

Our class was one of the only groups of people outside at the time, so we were isolated from other parents, teachers, and peers. This made the moment in time even more special, as we got to spend time together outside on the playground without supervision or restraint. This means that everyone in the picture is directly involved in the event.


Looking at this picture from a new perspective, it seems like an important or emotionally valuable event. The people in the picture look relaxed and happy with each other despite their formal wear, which could mean that whatever formal event they participated in is over. There’s a group of people in the background who also seem to be taking a group photo, but theirs is a lot more organized and straightforward than the people in the foreground. This brings attention to one of the interesting parts of this picture: the use of the climbing apparatus as the setting. I can’t completely explain why the girl to the left of me isn’t wearing shoes, or who the heads in the bottom left belong to.

Inferences about Perspective:

The creator may have been a member of the same class who didn’t wish to be in the photo or another person who had been asked to take the picture. They made this source due to my request that they document this moment in history so myself and the others in the photo could look at this photo and remember the emotions they felt and the experience as a whole. The audience was our class and our group of friends, specifically those in the photo. The creator would have made this source because of the personal value he/she has for this group of people.

Inferences about inquiry question:

This day was the end of an era and the beginning of another. The camaraderie, friendship, and bond between the subjects in the picture is evident as you analyze it. The story behind this picture is one of past memories and the conclusion of a great chapter in life. While the picture doesn’t give much insight into the time, the place and overall mood is prevalent. This source gives insight into the creator’s thoughts and preferences while leaving enough for the observer to infer about.