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Social Studies 17th Century Letter

My dearest sister Margot, I fear this may be the last thou hearest of me. Upon writing these words, I have packed all mine own belongings and erased all signs of living in my cottage for fear of pursuit. I pray, do not look for me or inquire about my whereabouts. I must recount the tale that led to these events, so as to warn thee to not be as.. Read More

Document of Learning – The Wheels of Revolution

 English Civil War The English Civil War can be classified as both a war and revolution and therefore follows a similar trajectory. In terms of incentive, the English Civil War compares to the French Revolution in the way that both of the Monarchies in those situations were abusing their power and spending money unwisely. This led to negative consequences for the rest of the kingdom, taxes being the most prominent in.. Read More

In-Depth Post #4 – Week 7

It’s now week 7 of In-Depth, and I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made over the past several weeks! I’ve learned so much interacting with my mentor over the past two weeks, but that hasn’t come without challenges. The most difficult challenge when it comes to this process is most definitely the time. Not just finding time to meet, but the amount of time that I actually spend with Susanne.. Read More