My dearest sister Margot,

I fear this may be the last thou hearest of me. Upon writing these words, I have packed all mine own belongings and erased all signs of living in my cottage for fear of pursuit. I pray, do not look for me or inquire about my whereabouts. I must recount the tale that led to these events, so as to warn thee to not be as foolish as I.

I was in the marketplace a fortnight ago at which hour the most unfortunate thing happened; a cart toppled over onto a frail and unsuspecting woman. I heard her cries and rushed over to see that the woman hath taken a laceration on the pale skin of her forearm. No one paid that woman mind, so I took it upon myself to help her up and lead her back to my cottage. As we left the marketplace, I spied a crowd of men chanting words unable to grace mine own ears. One of those folk did meet mine own eyes, and I almost did shiver for the evil and malice that filled his glare.

Ere I had discovered a plant that grew near my cottage that soothed wounds upon application. This I applied to the old woman’s arm. As I tended to her I should have been more watchful, for the woman did eye me distrustfully all the while. She left soon afterwards with no thanks, and I retired early from exhaustion. The following morning when completing my rounds, I heard whispers of the men from the day prior. They were witch hunters, led by a man by the name of Matthew Hopkins on the lookout for unmarried women who hath knowledge of the healing arts. They already had several women restrained and were jeering at them hatefully.

And lo and behold, the woman I had helped the day prior was conversing with them! I fit their description perfectly, so with fear in my heart I did flee the marketplace that day. I had heard of the terrible things that happened to witches; the drownings, the burnings, and the excruciating torture.

So now I findeth myself writing this letter, hoping that if I leave by nightfall I shall have enough time to make it to the port and find myself transport to America, where I may be safe from this purging. I beg of thee to stay safe. I know thou art a passionate soul but please, do not seek retribution for this injustice.

With love and regret,