In-Depth is about to reach its climax and I am both nervous and excited to showcase my progress to everyone. However, with everything that’s been going on as of late, both Talons related and not, I’ve found it a little hard to focus on my project. Regardless, I’ve continued to move forward.

As aforementioned, I have been really busy lately. With adventure trips, leadership evaluations, and all our other day-to-day projects and assignments, it’s been a struggle to balance the demands of school with things like a decent amount of sleep and decreasing my screen time. My schedule has also impacted In-Depth, as I haven’t really spoken to my mentor in a while. I need to make sure I check back in with her because she’s helping me accumulate everything I’ve learned so far (poses, different types of restorative yoga for different outcomes, sequences, koshas, physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of a person, etc.).

I’ve continued to work on sequences and develop my yoga, and upon evaluating my progress I’ve decided to make a learning centre for my In-Depth. Being on stage doing various five to ten minute long poses seems like it would be awkward, and I think that having an interactive learning centre where people can walk by, look at some poses I’ll have put up for reference, and possibly join me on some mats and attempt some moves will be more achievable and straightforward.

My plan is to start making my learning centre now, or at least the visual components of it. If I’m going to have people join me, I need extra mats, so I’m going to ask someone from the PE office if I could possibly borrow a few and return them afterwards.

This has all got me thinking about next year, and I now know that I want to choose something I’m already interested in so I’ll have more motivation for next year. Topics are already formulating, and I can’t wait. In the meantime, yoga is going great and I can’t wait for In-Depth Night!