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Ecological Footprint

The Plan: My ecological footprint was a pretty big one, but one that I expected nonetheless. Upon calculating my footprint, I got 11.43 hectares. That’s on the larger scale in class when comparing it to Shubham’s 7.05, Jayden’s 11.6, Valerie’s 14.75, and Yoonha’s 7.35. My footprint is definitely not the biggest in class, but when comparing mine to others it was bigger than it could be if I really tried.. Read More

Hamiltalons: The Election of 1800

      A: Character Development The Election of 1800 is a very important song in Hamilton, even referred to as the second “climax” of the musical in class on Friday. It helps advance both the plot and the characters involved in the song, as well as incite a major event in the play: Hamilton’s death. It’s a narrative of the Presidential Election of 1800, adapted so it contributes to.. Read More