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Confederation Conference Script

I (Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt) will be speaking with my fellow Canadian Sir Etienne Paschal Tache on the topic of Federalism concerning Canada East and its dealings in Confederation. We shall each be speaking on the issue, and therefore have chosen to share a document on “Google”. Link:

TED Talk 2018

My TED Talk was about various external factors that can influence our intellect and capacity to be “gifted”. In my video I go over nutrition, water, and the environment as my main topics. I hope you enjoy! Video: Bibliography: Notes (sources included): Alternative Youtube Link:

Independent Investigation #2

To what extent did the War of 1812 impact black slavery in North America?     A: Historical Significance   In the War of 1812 we hear a lot about the conflicts with and between the Americans, the British, and the First Nations peoples of Canada, but an integral (an often overlooked) party involved in the war were the very people dominated and exploited to build the foundations of the.. Read More