Who could imagine that someone society regards as a person of lesser importance due to the struggles of their day-to-day lives could have so profound an impact on a perfectly normal mother of two with a heart full of compassion? In Stuart McLean’s Emil, a story is woven about the bonds that can be formed between people who care enough to break the repetition of day-to-day life and truly see one another, just like Morley does when “Emil looked up at her and for an instant he was clear and she could see him- the real person” (pg. 116). The story shows just how drastically perspective can change the way a person is perceived and represented to audiences. When we see Emil through Morley’s eyes, the homeless man becomes so much more as opposed to the superiority and contempt characters like Stephanie or even Dave feel in regard to Emil. When Morley asked, “Is that for your garden, Emil?” she found it in herself to suppress the rage she had been feeling for the thief of her plants because she knew from prior experience that Emil did not take for the sake of taking (pg. 115). Morley is a person who tries to see the best in people despite the people around her tell her she should think. She truly has the ability to empathize with people, unlike her husband who believes that if Emil gets money “he buys cigarettes and lottery tickets” regardless of the fact that in the two years they’d known Emil they’d never seen him smoke a cigarette (pg. 114). Morley truly comprehends the fact that while Emil may be content with his current lifestyle, offering something to those that are less fortunate shouldn’t be seen as a potential downwards spiral but rather an opportunity for them to further themselves and maybe even give back to the community and those who aided them like Emil did when “he gave Morley five hundred dollars” (pg. 119). In Emil, Morley not only finds a kindred soul but someone in which she learns from when it comes to revelling in the simplest pleasures life offers us, whether it be the relationships that can be formed between unlikely acquaintances or the natural beauty of your own personal garden.