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Wizard of Earthsea – Style Analysis

What stood out the most about Le Guin’s overall writing style in Chapter 1 of the novel?   In chapter one of the Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin, she utilizes literary devices like expanded moment, imagery and foreshadowing while giving readers the information they need and simultaneously avoiding what may distract from the moments in time she chooses to present. When we’re first introduced to Duny, Ursula describes him as “the.. Read More

Wizard of Earthsea Anticipation

“It is possible to hide from the consequences of bad decisions.” I strongly disagree with this statement. When you make a decision you know is wrong and will result in negative repercussions, to avoid those consequences would be, in themselves, bad decisions. There are many ways to avoid consequences. Lying, covering up, and other traditionally immoral methods can be utilized to avoid repercussions of any sort. To use them, however,.. Read More

How to be a 360° Leader

Lead yourself exceptionally well As a frequent procrastinator, I know that having good management over oneself is the first step in making yourself a more effective leader overall. Once you regain charge over yourself and your actions, you’ll be able to better lead others. I want to be able to lead myself exceptionally well because I think it would aid me in the course of my life by making me.. Read More