“It is possible to hide from the consequences of bad decisions.”

I strongly disagree with this statement. When you make a decision you know is wrong and will result in negative repercussions, to avoid those consequences would be, in themselves, bad decisions. There are many ways to avoid consequences. Lying, covering up, and other traditionally immoral methods can be utilized to avoid repercussions of any sort. To use them, however, would only result in more consequences that would eventually lead to a vicious cycle of deceit and manipulation of those around you. It would only be so long before one of the many consequences comes back to bite you. B. F. Skinner once said “the consequences of an act affect the probability of its occurring again,” so naturally, if one were to avoid consequences altogether the choices that resulted in them would repeat themselves. In conclusion, yes it is possible to hide from the consequences of bad decisions in the short-term, but you’ll never truly be free of repercussions. They will follow you and haunt you until you’re finally forced to face them. If you shirk consequences once, you’ll be stuck in a cycle of immoral actions to continue avoiding them.