How do YouTube niches effectively target demographics?

This year for ZIP, I would like to explore the social media platform YouTube, specifically the niches popular content creators I enjoy belong to. These niches all have specific audiences they cater to, and I want to learn how niches effectively target demographics. YouTube is a very popular social media platform, and I admit to spending hours on end perusing videos that have little to no use in my daily life. Understanding why certain content is favoured more by audiences may help me, a viewer, better select videos that cater to my own demographic.

The term “niche” in correlation with YouTube refers to the grouping of YouTubers by the kind of content they create. Vloggers, beauty gurus, gamers, foodies, and more make up the niches of YouTube. Having vast knowledge of popular YouTubers, the niches they utilize, and the feedback of their videos will definitely be an asset in ZIP this year. This is one of the only times it pays off to procrastinate on YouTube, and I plan on taking advantage of it!

My ZIP this year is more an inquiry into a topic than a skill. By the end of the project, I’d hope to have a greater understanding of YouTube niches, what makes them effective (or not), and the audiences they cater to. The knowledge I’ll gain could help me become a more effective YouTuber if that was a career I’d want to pursue.

The great thing about YouTube is that it’s available to people all over the world, and most people I know are also well versed in its content. I’m not familiar with a wide variety of niches, but finding someone who watches a lot of gaming or vlogging videos won’t be a challenge. Such people have already spent time watching numerous videos in specific niches and can relay the impression they walked away with.

As youtubing (not positive if that’s a word) is becoming more prevalent as not only a hobby but a career path, more resources are becoming available for those looking to jump on the bandwagon. YouTube itself has “lessons” of sorts to teach prospective YouTubers how to target audiences and find their own niches. In addition, I think analyzing views, comments, and overall audience feedback of videos will help me understand which demographics respond positively or negatively to certain niches.

What better way to show my understanding of YouTube niches than to create a YouTube video on the topic? My target audience will be my fellow Talons learners, and I’ll use the methods I learn during my inquiry to make an effective video.


My timeline is the following:

Jan 4-13: Research

  • Watching YouTube videos
  • YouTube Creators Academy and other helpful resources
  • Analyzing views, comments, and likes on niche videos


Jan 14-18: Planning and Compilation

  • Compile information in a centralized document
  • Plan video (shots, dialogue, concepts, etc.)


Jan 19-27: Filming and Editing

  • Getting the necessary content
  • Learning how to edit YouTube videos
  • Editing the video, finishing final touches