What is a specific source of information that you’ve found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain.


Before I begin, I wanted to inform those interested that I’ve yet again refocused my inquiry question. Instead of inquiring into the effectiveness of ALL YouTube niches, I have chosen to specifically research beauty gurus and vloggers. These niches are closely connected and the research I’ve done so far relates to both in different ways.

Recently, I discovered an article titled “YouTubers are not your friends” that explained the basis of parasocial relationships. Essentially, viewers of media personalities get emotionally connected to them without ever actually meeting them. This drives things like the popularity of a channel or a viewer’s perception of a YouTuber’s content. The article then lead me to a study featured in a journal about parasocial relationships in social media, specifically in relation to beauty gurus on YouTube. Reading it has helped me understand some of the psychology behind my question, and has given me concrete results (from the study) to refer to in my research. The concept of parasocial relationships is directly related to the popularity and effectiveness of beauty gurus/vloggers on YouTube and is also a very interesting read.


YouTubers are not Your Friends

Parasocial Interaction Study