This year for In-Depth, I will be learning about sewing and garment construction. Fashion design is an interest of mine, so the project this year is an opportunity to learn how to make my own clothing from scratch. I have basic knowledge of sewing that I’ve gotten from middle school Home Ec classes, but the most they’ve taught me is how to sew a sock monkey. During my project, I will learn more about sewing both by machine and by hand, as well as the basics of garment construction (putting patterns together to form garments). I’ve begun going to costume design afterschool, and I’m amazed at all there is to learn about the production of clothing. It’s a fascinating subject, and learning about it this year will give me the skills to create my own clothing and re-use old ones. This will not only be enjoyable for me but beneficial to the environment.

Over the past few years, my passion for fashion (I apologize for that phrase) has only grown. Designers like Virgil Abloh have fed my desire for a future in the fashion industry. Their vision has inspired me to create my own designs and religiously follow their paths in the world of high fashion. The first step to achieving a future in the fashion industry is to learn to sew and make clothing. This is essential to starting your own brand or business, and I think learning it early will aid me later on in life.

At this point in time, I don’t have a mentor. My goal is to get a mentor who works at or is some way related to a sewing studio or tailor and has adept sewing skills and knowledge in garment construction and/or fashion design. Emails have been sent, are replies have been received, but my letters are currently being circulated in workplaces. I hope to have a mentor by the end of the reading break at the latest because I want to begin doing physical work as soon as possible. I plan on meeting with my mentor once a week over the weekend for around 4-5 hours each session. I hope this gives me plenty of time to learn skills that may be challenging and time-consuming.


In-Depth Mentor Letter