It’s been about two weeks since I’ve really kickstarted my In-Depth project. Solidifying Ms. Learmonth, a teacher at Gleneagle, as my mentor was a highlight of those weeks. We haven’t had the chance to really meet and work solely on my In-Depth together due to our busy schedules, but we’ve exchanged emails and she’s helped me with projects for the costume design program in the theatre department at Gleneagle. Ms. Learmonth is very knowledgeable when it comes to sewing and garment construction because she pursued a career in fashion design at one point in her life. Her insight is invaluable, and her help on a skirt I’m currently helping to make in costume design has been really helpful. The piece is more of a side project than something I’m hoping to include in my In-Depth, but I appreciate any and all practice I can get.

Because we haven’t had much opportunity, there’s very little that we’ve agreed or disagreed upon. When making the skirt, which will be featured in the upcoming musical theatre play, Ms. Learmonth helped me understand the patterns and pieces of the skirt, as well as how they’d fit together. She then instructed me to begin with the waistband, which was the easiest and most straightforward part of the skirt. I agreed with this because I would get practice pinning and cutting on a simple portion of the skirt. I’m a beginner, and I understood why Ms. Learmonth wanted me to start with a simple piece first.

The fabric she chose for the skirt was lavender with a darker floral design over it. I didn’t quite agree with the choice of fabric because the theme of the play is very “doobop”-y and I though a solid bright colour would be more suitable. I didn’t voice this because it was my first time making a garment and I knew Ms. Learmonth was the more knowledgeable of the two of us. Later on, the original fabric was scrapped and replaced with a solid red but I still respected her initial decision despite my disagreement.

We haven’t been able to really meet, so there isn’t much else that we’ve agreed or disagreed upon. She’s really just popped in to aid in the projects I’m helping out with for costume design. I hope to meet with her during CL and after school at least once this week. As far as my progress, I’m looking into buying a personal sewing machine and have already started practicing sewing by hand at home and studying patterns at costume design. I’m really excited to see how much I grow over the course of the project with the help of Ms. Learmonth!