The First Garment

Over the past month, I’ve had a lot of time to do research and learn a bit more about my topic. I’m starting to figure out the final garments I want to make for In-Depth. In addition to the bandeau top my mentor and I are discussing below, I’m going to be making two t-shirts and another top. If I can, I want to attempt making a bottom. Ms. Learmonth has told me that they can be quite difficult for beginners, but I’d love to try. I haven’t had a ton of time to meet with Ms. Learmonth not only because of my own busy schedule but due to musical theatre’s many performances. She’s had to focus more on the stage tech for the plays and hasn’t been as readily available as before Spring Break. Nevertheless, I met with her afterschool during costume design this past week to discuss my first garment.


The beginning of the bandeau top:



Ms. Learmonth: So what are you planning to do? What exactly do you want to achieve by the end of this project?

Me: I’d like to create a few garments. At least a few tops and maybe a bottom? I’m not completely sure at this stage.

Ms. Learmonth: Typically, beginners start with skirts. They’re the most simple and don’t take very much expertise or knowledge to begin.

White Hat: If you look at beginner sewing lessons, they typically consist of skirts and pillows. The pattern for a general skirt is relatively simple, just a half circle with space cut out for the waist. The lack of components to the pattern makes it an ideal starting point for people who want to learn to sew

Me: I don’t really have the fabric for a skirt. Could I maybe make a bandeau instead?

Ms. Learmonth: Like a strapless top? Sure. We have elastic bands in the costume design room.

Me: I think I know how to add an elastic band. I’ve seen it enough times in my own clothes that I think I could replicate it, but I’ll check some online videos to make sure.

Ms. Learmonth: That’s great! See if you can find leftover fabric in the bins to use. Is there anything in particular you want to do for the bandeau? Add ruffles, or make it textured?

Green Hat: Ms. Learmonth is asking me about possibilities for variation in my garment by suggesting creative details I could add to make the bandeau top unique.

Me: I don’t think I’m going to do anything like that for my first one, no. I’m not sure I want to try anything like that until I get the basics down. What exactly do you mean by textured?

Black Hat: Here, I think that any embellishments to the garment might distract me from understanding the basics and focusing on the quality of the stitches. I don’t like the idea of adding ruffles or texture, so I’m expressing it in a productive way to my mentor. By assessing my abilities I know whether or not I can handle the suggestions.

White Hat: I’m missing information to understand my mentor’s question, so I’m probing further to fully understand.

Ms. Learmonth: I have to run out, but Zora can explain. She’s actually just about to add an elastic band to the skirt she’s doing, so you can watch her. Feel free to ask anyone for help!

Me: Thanks, Ms. Learmonth. Bye!