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Maurice Richard

Qu’est-ce qui fait un héros? What makes a hero? It’s a question the Quebecois of the 1940s answered when they looked to television screens and saw a human rocket skating on ice with a hockey stick in hand.  In Charles Foran’s Maurice Richard, the author explores the story of a man born like any other, who rose above his status quo to become a symbol of pride for French-Canadians all.. Read More

Macdonald’s Malevolent Management of Canada: Why He Should Be Removed

  Is the modern preservation of history keeping the triumphs and turmoil of our past from fading from the minds of society? That very question is being hotly debated as the public disputes the use of the name and likeness of Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister and Founding Father, on public institutions across Canada. Advocates for the continued use of his likeness argue that his establishment of.. Read More

In-Depth #6

Overview The fact that this will be my last In-Depth blog post ever is bittersweet. I’ll miss the long and arduous projects that lead to amazing and pride-inspiring results. In these past four weeks, I’ve spent time watching videos mainly about making patterns and preparing to make my own patterns for In-Depth. I’ve met with Ms. Learmonth once over the past few weeks as she’s been very busy with the.. Read More

Maurice Richard: A Biography Check-In

When I attempt to think of a quintessential Canadian, my mind blanks. There are so many demographics in Canada that converging all of them into one would be an injustice to the unique cultures and experiences of the many groups and representations. Therefore, I decided to instead delve into the rich and colourful history of French-Canadians. French culture in Canada is prominent, even more so in Quebéc, and exploring that.. Read More