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Canadian Autonomy: The Paris Peace Conference

    The year is 1919. The first world war is at its resolution, but in order to officially declare the conflict between the Allies and Central Powers over, a conference must be held in which the major political powers of the world deliberate Germany’s fate. On January 12th of 1919, a preliminary meeting was held in Paris by representatives from five great powers: Britain, the U.S., France, Italy, and.. Read More

Desmos Graphing: Sandy the Squirrel

Desmos Graph When choosing an image I would be duplicating for the next week using solely functions and relations, I knew that the most logical decision would be cartoon characters for the simplicity of their design. I chose Sandy from Spongebob predominately because of the curves of the drawing, which I thought would be easy to replicate using circles and parabolas. However, this wasn’t the case when I recreated the drawing… Read More